Natural Medicine for Nevada

Scott is no stranger to following his gut and taking big, calculated risks. He is well known as a pioneering leader in several fields with the ability to grow and revitalize distressed businesses. Now, he is pushing the envelope in the next level of natural medicine as the manager of Nevada Natural Medicines, LLC. Recently, Nevada Natural Medicines, LLC went before the Pahrump Regional Planning Commission to advance their plans of creating a 5-acre marijuana cultivation and processing center. The facility is located at 6041 S. Hafen Ranch Road on the southern end of the Pahrump Valley.

Alleviating Resident’s Concerns

When the facility was first licensed in 2015, there was some concern expressed by the residents of the Valley about the construction projects. Road construction was a slight inconvenience and some were worried how long it would be before the road use would return to normal. Though the initial concerns were few, only one person who spoke against the proposal in the Planning Commission meeting. However, Scott and the team of Nevada Natural Medicines, LLC were successful in completing the construction projects on-time. Additionally, they worked hard to alleviate those concerns and show how the facility will be a boon to the local economy, creating jobs while also providing safe access to medicinal cannabis products. The project has, thus far, spent more than $1.2 million in improvements that have spurred the local economy by investing in local Nye County contractors.

Final Approvals

On November 14, 2018, Nevada Natural Medicines, LLC requested that the property be rezoned, and the request passed unanimously with a 6-0 vote. Some further analysis and approvals by the Planning Commission will need to be done before the facility can open its doors for business. However, the team at Nevada Natural Medicines, LLC is confident that after all of the approvals and inspections are completed they will be on the path to creating greater prosperity for the community.